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St Andrew 2020 Puerto Rico Mission Trip  January 3 - 10

Our team returned safely and an article detailing the entire visit will be posted soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy a "Minute for Mission" about the experience.

Day 7 Report

After some consultation with PDA and a few Presbyterian leaders in Southern Puerto Rico, our group decided to bring a convoy of supplies down to the hardest hit region of the island. We packed up all the food, water, diapers, and other necessities that we could fit into our cars and drove 40 miles to the Presbyterian Church in Guanica, Puerto Rico.

The local Presbyterian Church had been damaged in the quake and we spent some time cleaning up around the church building: bookshelves were knocked over, storage scrambled, glass broken on the floor, and a stone table needed to be set right again. The pastor was overwhelmed that anyone – much less fellow Presbyterians from as far as California – would show up to help her begin to set things right.

From there, we visited “the coliseum” to donate our supplies. This was the staging place where people who had lost their homes (or who were too afraid to return to their homes) were sleeping in the open. Cots dotted the parking lot, with a handful of canopies for shade. The mayor repeated their needs several times in interviews with media and non-profit leaders, “Food, water, and blankets” – the most basic of necessities.

PR Minute for Mission - Emily Dorazi
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1910 - 2019

Our Church originated with a small group of people in what was then called Salada Beach who wanted to organize as a Presbyterian congregation. We were charted July 24, 1910 and the Church building which is still known as  "The Little Brown Church" was dedicated.

Until the early 1950’s, the Little Brown Church was the only house of worship between Montara and Daly City at it became a true community church and the building served residents of the coast, regardless of religious affiliation.

In early 1950’s,  developers began buying tracts of land to respond to the growing demand for post WWII housing, One of the developers, Andre Oddstad, gifted a parcel of land to the Presbytery of San Francisco. A congregation was assembled and the Pedro Valley was built.

In 1967 the Pedro Valley Presbyterian Church and the Little Brown Church merged into St. Andrew United Presbyterian Church and it became immediately apparent that a larger facility was needed.

In 1979, the Terra Nova Church Center was established. We now share that facility with the Christian Life Fellowship and the Terra Nova Nova Christian Preschool and Day Care Center.

Sunday School Teachers Needed 

You can find the sign up sheet on our bulletin board. Curriculum is provided or you can come up with something fun on your own.

Music is always a good option!

Please contact Kim Carpenter kimberlysue@mac.com

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Thornton High School
We have adopted Thornton High School for the 2020 School Year.
You can bring supplies to Sunday Service or drop them off at the office anytime.
Needs for this year:
Spiral Note Books
Hand Sanitizer and Kleenex
Copy Paper
Loose leaf binder paper