On Sunday, ALAS contacted St. Andrew Mission Committee to see if our church would provide lunches for 70 fire evacuees for Tuesday, August 25th. ALAS is supporting Puente as Half Moon Bay High School is now the evacuation center for the fires in Pescadero and the South Coast. All ranches and farms have evacuated their workers. When there was not enough room to house all evacuees in Half Moon Bay due to COVID, 70 evacuees were moved to a hotel in San Carlos. The resources for these people are now limited due to their location. 


Mary Dare got the word out via the newsletter email list. It only took a matter of hours before over 70 lunches were secured. Cheri kept the tally for lunches as the hours flew by and the volunteers called in. St. Andrew is an amazing congregation and ALAS has declared that St. Andrew is an amazing church!


So much love and care were put into those lunches. It was a truly heartfelt effort by all involved. The delivery was a mix of emotions as your lunches were distributed. The word from ALAS was that "The families are SO happy!" 


Thank you to:  Roy and Nancy Stotts, Jennifer and Saijai Chaloemtiarana, Toni Boykin, Marjory Matic, Dee Raisis, Jeanette Waight, Valerie Davidson, Cheri Coulter Black,

Berni Schuhmann, Amy Kuhn, Pastor Brian