We are returning to the sanctuary on June 20th at 9:15am!


For the summer, we will do things a little bit differently than we used to. Our services will be live streamed so that you will be able to watch via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook from home, if you wish. Rows of chairs will be spread a little wider apart than in recent years, offering plates and communion elements will not be passed during the service, and our social hour after church will happen outside. Once again, many of these changes will only last for the summer, but we might just discover a few habits that we would like to keep.


I believe that we are able to safely return to in-person worship because the available COVID-19 vaccines work extremely well. Of course, the only case in which these vaccines do not work well is if you do not get the shot! So, please, do your best to get vaccinated before June 20th. It is one of the most loving and considerate things that you can do for your friends at church.