Vesper Evening Service 

Thursday evenings @ 5:30 PM (Effective 11/19/2002)


For the last many months, the Worship Committee has discussed when to return to worship, how to return to worship, and what to do when we return to worship. We have also discussed if there are any viable and/or satisfying alternatives to our current Zoom worship schedule. Pastor Brian was the one who suggested adding an evening gathering to our schedule back in May or June. The course of the COVID-19 virus didn’t allow us to do that then, but as San Mateo County has lowered our viral load, now is the time for a new outside prayer service. Our Zoom services will continue, and if you are at high risk this continues to be the best way for you to worship.


In his letter to the congregation, Brian has laid out the worship aspects of our new Vespers Service, but here are the nitty-gritty details. First of all, if you’re like me, you need a little brush up on what Vespers are. Vesper, at its simplest, means evening or sunset prayer. In our interpretation, there will be no singing or group recitation, as those are higher risk activities.


This will be a contemplative and meditative service. We will gather in the back garden at 6:30 PM on Thursday evenings, starting on October 8, and continuing indefinitely until the weather or interest causes a change. If you would like to attend, you need to reserve a spot through the church office either by calling or emailing as our space and social distancing requirements limit our numbers.

Phone:  (650) 359-2462


When you arrive, you will take a seat at one of the designated spots in the back meditation garden. You may use the chair provided (the blue and silver ones from Reiden Hall) or you may bring your own chair if you would prefer. If you arrive with members of your household you are welcome to sit together.


You may wish to also bring a blanket, depending on the temperature. The service will last approximately (very approximately since this is new to us) 30 minutes. Masks will be required and hand sanitizer will be available and its use encouraged. Please maintain a 6 foot distance (as best you can) from others when entering and leaving the area.


We will be taking attendance to facilitate any contact tracing that could, in a worst case scenario, be required. Finally, because of the quiet, solemn, and introspective nature of this service, it may not be appropriate for the more wiggly people of our congregation. If that describes you (or your kids), please take note!

Submitted by

Meg Hunter

Worship Committee Chairperson