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Equity, Growth, and Community Engagement 

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You can help support the teachers of Thornton High with donations of

school supplies for their students and their classrooms.*

OR, you can donate cash and Cheri Stringfellow will do the shopping for you;



-Protein Bars

-Granola Bars

-Hand Sanitizer



-White board markers

-Loose binder paper

-Color Pencils



Thornton is an alternative education program serving the Jefferson Unified High School District. 


Thornton High School's vision is to equitably provide our students with the academic tools and skills to achieve post-secondary success and become responsible citizens promoting self-worth, socio-emotional growth, and community engagement.


Thornton High School’s mission is to provide curriculum and services that will reintegrate students into educational, social, and community involvement.


Thornton High School includes seven classrooms limited to a maximum of twenty students, which ensures the teacher-to-student ratio will be as small as possible. Curriculum is standards based and individualized based on credits earned and assessed skill levels. Students are referred to Thornton High School for a variety of reasons, the most common reason is credit recovery or in some cases, accelerated graduation.

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