Thornton High School is the continuation program serving the Jefferson Unified High School District. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students to earn academic credits enabling them to meet requirements for a high school diploma.

Thornton's mission is to build an educational community through the reintegration of at-risk students to educational, social and community activities designed to enable those students to become productive and responsible citizens and to develop feelings of self-worth, tolerance and community awareness.


Thornton has seven classrooms that are limited to a maximum of twenty students, which ensures that the teacher-to-student ratio will be as small as possible. Curriculum is individualized based on credits earned and assessed skill levels. Students are referred to Thornton High School for a variety of reasons. Most students are referred for one or more of the following reasons: academic credit recovery, attendance issues (truancy), and behavioral issues.


1125 Terra Nova Blvd.

Pacifica, CA 94044

Office 650-359-2462

Emergency 650-337-3034

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