Nestled in a forest of coastal redwoods in Sonoma County, Westminster Woods offers year-round opportunities for connection, reflection, discovery, and growth. Whether you're here for Camp Ministries, School Programs, Challenge Course or Group Rental you'll find The Woods is a special place.

Weekend retreats for adults and summer camp for children and youth.


Adult Weekends at Westminster Woods are for those who desire to re-center on God, re-connect with friends new and old, and re-energize for the norms of everyday life.

These weekends are filled with stimulating speakers, opportunities to connect with nature, off site exploration, contemplative worship, and rest.  Each year, we invite different speakers to bring insight into the biblical text and how it connects with the world around us.

Give yourself a head start and come a day early to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and give yourself a hear start on slowing down.  This can help you prepare for the restorative work that God will provide over the weekend.