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Music Director
Phil Johnson
Office Manager
Peggy Draper
Lara Garner

Boards and Committees

Board of Deacons

Extending the care and fellowship of the congregation to all members.

This is most often accomplished by keeping each member of the parish in touch with the life and concerns of the entire congregation.  Deacons usually contact each member every month by visit, phone call, letter or note, or during coffeehour.  The contact may involve informing the members about upcoming congregational events such as the annual picnic, special worship services or educational events.  The contact may also be to inform members of a death or ask for prayers for a particular person or situation.

Joint Management

Comprised of equal numbers of Presbyterian and New Life members, this committee is responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds.


As Christians, we are called to service beyond the doors of our Sanctuary. This committee is involved with bringing mission opportunities to the members and with informing us of work done on our behalf by Presbytery and General Assembly in this country and around the world.


Everything that has to do with the proper conduct of worship and the sacraments, including special services, falls under this committee. 

Preschool Board

An advisory Board of Directors for Terra Nova Christian Day Care, a community mission run by this congregation and New Life Christian Fellowship.


Invested with providing an educational program for members of all ages. Runs the Sunday School, provides youth group opportunities and develops adult education programs.


Oversees and evaluates the work of all paid employees of the congregation.


Congregational Life

Responsible for all fellowship activities including coffee hour, the annual Church picnic, potluck dinners and any other activity which enhances the fellowship life of the congregation. 


Recruits and nominates members to serve on Session, Deacons and the Nominating Committee.

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