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Statement of Inclusion

We believe that God is love.


We believe that every work, law, teaching and prophesy in the Bible “hangs upon” the two greatest commandments (love God and love you neighbor).    If any interpretation of Scripture does not build up this twofold love of God and our neighbor, then it is not correct.


We believe that a congregation, founded in love cannot exclude anyone from full participation in the community on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or national origin – whether explicitly through formal guidelines and structures or implicitly through the lack of appropriate care.


If, at any time, our community fails to provide appropriate care for you or for anyone you care about, do not hesitate to contact the Pastor or Clerk of Session so that we are aware of your concerns and can make improvements.

Inclusion is a central expression of how we worship God.

a John 4:8

b Matthew 22:37-40

c St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine, l.


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